Abraham Tesser — Blackwell Handbook of Social Psychology: Individual Processes, 2000 год

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Blackwell Handbook of Social Psychology: Individual Processes - Abraham Tesser

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This authoritative handbook provides a cutting-edge overview of classic and current research as well as an assessment of future trends in the field of intraindividual processes. After outlining a set of integrative perspectives — evolutionary and cultural, developmental, and methodological — it goes on to provide an in-depth treatment of current research on social cognition and social motivation. The handbook concludes with chapters devoted to research on applying cognitive and motivational principles. — 28 specially commissioned chapters offer unparalleled coverage of the whole field of intraindividual processes — A carefully chosen team of authors from around the world ensure a truly international perspective — Fully referenced chapters include bibliographies for easy access to further study. This handbook is essential reading for upper-level students looking for succinct overviews and for researchers seeking an authoritative definition of the field which also indicates likely future trends.

ISBN: 9780631210337
твердый переплет, 704 стр.
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