Amy Sylvester Katoh — Japan Country Living, 2005 год

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Japan Country Living - Amy Sylvester Katoh

Tuttle Publishing / —
Japan Living, this new book from noted authors Marcia Iwatate and Geeta Mehta, continues to explore the themes of their highly successful Japan Houses.
Some houses represented in Japan Living reflect the many changes in the dynamics of the new Japanese society, including an aging population and the desire to remain single, while others embody plenty of creativity, self-expression and individuality. Throughout, a return to traditional materials and design elements is married with such present-day requirements as minimalism, flexibility, energy efficiency and electronic gadgetry. Each of these homes is an exquisite representation of the integrity consistently found in Japanese interior design, in both new construction and old.

ISBN: 9780804818582
твердый переплет, 192 стр.
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