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The New Penguin Dictionary of Business - Bannock

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This brand new dictionary is the ideal handbook for everyone with an interest in the world of business, whether you are studying or are already at work and need to get to grips with the mass of jargon being used. Up-to-the-minute, clearly written by experts in their fields, with practical and relevant examples, The New Penguin Dictionary of Business covers a host of both general and more specialized business terms, from ‘A’ shares to zero-sum game.
• Covers all areas of business, including accounting, banking, economics, finance and marketing
• International in its coverage, with both UK and US terms included
• Invaluable extended notes on key concepts such as ‘economic growth’ and ‘strategic management’
• Includes terms from relevant disciplines such as psychology, sociology, statistics, mathematics and computer sciences that are commonly used in business
• Contains concise biographies of a large number of leading figures in the business world

ISBN: 9780140513776
мягкая обложка, 400 стр.
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