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Audio CD. Incy Wincy Spider -

BBC Audiobooks /
This work contains favourite songs and rhymes to join in and have fun with! It is a fantastic selection of songs, nursery rhymes, stories, puzzles and tongue-twisters performed by Sophie Aldred and Richard Mitchley. Join in with actions, words and games! The songs and rhymes include: «The Animal Fair»; «The Bear Went Over the Mountain»; «Who Cares If The Bear?»; «The Animal Song»; «How Doth the Little Crocodile»; «The Pelican’s Beak»; «The Day the Animals Lost Their Voices»; «5 Little Monkeys»; «The Animals Went in Two By Two»; «Odd One Out»; «Froggy Went A’Courting»; «An elephant Goes Like This and That»; «Incy Wincy Spider»; «What’s The Time, Mr Wolf?»; «1-2-3-4-5»; «Once I Caught A Fish Alive»; «B-I-N-G-O»; «Baa Baa Black Sheep»; «Animal Alphabet»; «The Penguin Who Thought Was A Fish»; and «Shine Little Glowworm». There’s a whole hour of listening for everyone to enjoy — ideal for playtime, bedtime or in the car!


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