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Audio CD. Pat-A-Cake -

BBC Audiobooks /
This title includes favourite songs and rhymes to join in and have fun with! This is a fantastic selection of songs, nursery rhymes, stories, puzzles and tongue-twisters performed by Sophie Aldred and Richard Mitchley. Join in with actions, words and games! Songs and rhymes included are: «To Market to Market», «This little Pig», «Pat a Cake», «Hot Cross Buns», «Have You Seen The Muffin Man», «What Can We Buy in the Greengrocer’s Shop?», «Greengrocer Alphabet Song», «Oranges and Lemons», «Better Buy a Bigger Basket», «A Tisket A Tasket», «Polly Put The Kettle On», «Sing a Song of Sixpence», «Simple Simon», «Oddd one Out», «Cockles and Musssels», «Pop Goes the Weasel», «Rub a Dub Dub», «Beth’s Birthday present», and, «Hush Little Baby». There’s a whole hour of listening for everyone to enjoy — ideal for playtime, bedtime or in the car!


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