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Giving Presentations - Billingham J.

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— Part of our new One Step Ahead series, which gives practical and accessible guidance on specific target markets
— A lively, accessible, and illustrated guide to giving presentations that covers preparation, rehearsal, and visual aids for both group and individual presenting
— Split into two sections which complement each other: the first breaks down and discusses the components of presentation, and the second is a reference section with a useful presenter’s toolkit for quick inspiration
— Provides the reader with step-by-step guidance and the key ways to achieve a successful presentation
— Aimed at the general reader as well as the business user and academic, this user-friendly guide steers the way to more effective personal communication
A book of practical advice and useful tips on how to give clear and effective presentations. This lively, accessible, and illustrated guide is divided into two sections. The first provides comprehensive advice on writing, rehearsing, and giving your presentation, both as an individual or as part of a team. The second section contains a useful presenter’s toolkit to inspire and build confidence and help with the tricky task of presenting across languages and cultures.

ISBN: 9780198606819
мягкая обложка, 144 стр.
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