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Encarta Pocket Thesaurus -

Bloomsbury Publishing / Encarta
A portable guide to choosing the perfect word.
The Encarta® Pocket Thesaurus is based on the electronic thesaurus in the popular Word® word-processing program, and comes in a small handy format easily slipped into a briefcase or bag. It contains over 200,000 synonyms and antonyms, which can be accessed from a quick-reference A-Z list of more than 25,000 entries.
For words which have similar meanings, the Encarta® Pocket Thesaurus provides Compare and Contrast panels to highlight the differences. There are also thematic groupings of selected nouns: words for male and female animals, for instance, types of jewellery and parts of a bike.
Over 200,000 synonyms (words of similar meaning) and antonyms
A quick-reference A-Z list of more than 25,000 entries
Compare and Contrast sections and Word Bank panels giving thematic groupings of 4,000 selected nouns
‘Test Your Word Power’ section

ISBN: 9780747560012
мягкая обложка, 608 стр.
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