Brian Cosgrove — Weather

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Weather - Brian Cosgrove

Dorling Kindersley / Eyewitness
A spectacular and informative guide to the skies above us, in a revised paperback edition
The ever-changing sky is one of nature’s most fabulous spectacles. This superb collection of photographs, together with specially commissioned models that slice through clouds, fronts, and even hurricanes, explain how the weather works and how it is forecast.
Starting with a brief look at the atmosphere, the book shows how people have tried to understand the weather through the centuries. Learn about the causes and effects of all types of weather conditions, and exactly what is happening in the sky and why. See how a cloud is born, how air circulates, how snow crystals form, and what drives hurricanes — and what it all means for the weather of the future.
If you want to learn how to read the skies with an expert eye, to discover why tomorrow will be wet or dry, or to find out what causes a rainbow, Weather will give you the answers.
— Superb colour photographs of the sky in all kinds of weather conditions, together with specially build 3-D models, offer a unique and revealing view of weather, from clam summer days to the bitter storms of winter
— See the biggest hailstone; inside the eye of a hurricane; a warm front in 3-D; the beauty of a snow crystal; a moon dog; a dust devil
— Learn the difference between a stratus and cumulonimbus cloud; how our weather may change in the future; why tornadoes are so ferocious
— Discover why deserts are dry; how clouds are born; what makes raindrops grow; how to make your own forecast; why the sky is blue

ISBN: 9780751347463
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