Cane — Administrative Law, 2004 год

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Administrative Law - Cane

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— Analyses important recent developments in English public law, including devolution, Human Rights and freedom of information
— Gives the student a clear understanding of the fundamentals of the subject without being overwhelming
— Critical analysis includes consideration of political and theoretical perspectives to aid students’ understanding
— Coverage of juducial review has been substantially expanded and reorganised
New to this edition
— A new introductory chapter dealing with the public/private distinction
— Analysis of the relevance to administrative law of the Human Rights Act 1998, the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the devolution statutes
— Analysis of the impact of the introduction of the Civil Procedure Rules and the establishment of the Administrative Court
— Reorganised treatment of the grounds of judicial review
— Expanded treatment of the impact of judicial review
This is the fourth edition of Peter Cane’s Administrative Law, offering a straightforward but sophisticated account of an increasingly complex and important area of law, written in a lively and stimulating manner.
The text, which has been extensively revised, takes full account of the many dramatic developments in English public law in recent years in areas such as devolution, human rights and freedom of information. The text has three mains aims: to provide a clear and concise account of the law concerning judicial control of public administrative power, to suggest political and theoretical perspectives that can help readers to understand the law better, and to explore the relationship between judicial and other forms of control such as ombudsmen and tribunals. An underlying theme of the analysis is to show that the role of courts in controlling public power is not that of neutral arbiter between ‘citizen and state’ but rather that of active participant in public decision-making processes.

ISBN: 9780199268986
мягкая обложка, 456 стр.
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