Carol Barrett — Upbeat: Elementary Test Book, 2009 год

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Upbeat: Elementary Test Book - Carol Barrett

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Test Book The Test Book contains one test for each unit of the Students’ Book testing the grammar, vocabulary and communicative material in the Students’ Book input lessons. The Test Book also has six skills tests (reading, writing and listening) and six speaking tests. A useful introduction contains guidance on testing techniques, an explanation of the various types of test used in the Upbeat course, an overview of the marking system and grids for recording results. A placement test at the beginning of the Test Book is designed to indicate the level of the class before starting to teach. *Placement test *12 two-page photocopiable tests *Skills Tests (Reading, Writing and Listening) every two units *6 Speaking tests *Tests offered in A and B versions to discourage cheating.

ISBN: 9781405889698
мягкая обложка, 96 стр.
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