Carol Beckwith — Faces of Africa, 2009 год

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Faces of Africa - Carol Beckwith

National Geographic Society / —
Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher have spent 30 years and travelled more than 270,000 miles to create this collection. Each image unfolds new and revealing perspectives; taken together, they create nothing less than the group portrait of a world that draws strength from shared values and common experiences even as it glories in the unique appeal of every individual. Exploring the vital importance of family and community; the central role of ceremony at every stage of life; and, the deep-rooted attunement to the African landscape and its rhythms — all evoked in text and captions that enhance over 250 stunning photographs with anecdote, information and insight.

ISBN: 978-1-4262-0424-1
твердый переплет, 360 стр.
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