Charmaine Solomon — The Complete Asian Cookbook, 2006 год

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The Complete Asian Cookbook - Charmaine Solomon

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With over 800 recipes from 16 countries, Charmaine Solomon’s The Complete Asian Cookbook is the perfect introduction to the food of Asia. Charmaine Solomon has tried and tested every recipe, ensuring that they are simple to prepare and that every ingredient and every preparation step are explained in easy-to-follow terms.
This classic cookbook, in print for 30 years, ventures into culinary areas that are often overlooked: the sour-hot dishes of Thailand, the Nonya cooking of Singapore and Malaysia, the soul-warming hotpots of Korea; as well as excitingly different dishes from the lands of Burma, Laos and Cambodia.

ISBN: 9780804837576
мягкая обложка, 512 стр.
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