Cliff McNish — Angel, 2008 год

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Angel - Cliff McNish

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It’s been many years since fourteen-year-old Freya’s life was ruled by an obsession with angels — an obsession which destroyed her family. She has a burgeoning social life at school, and feels adjusted in the world. But then the angels return, and Freya discovers that she herself is a guardian angel. What makes matters worse is the arrival of the strange new girl, Stephanie, who craves for herself the angelic power that Freya resists. Learning to harness this difficult new friendship and her otherworldly abilities are complicated tasks, fraught with difficult decisions to make and dangerous situations to negotiate. Every time Freya helps one of her wards, she puts her own life at risk. And then there are her fellow angels — understanding what they want from her is perhaps the hardest task of all.

ISBN: 978-1-84255-629-0
мягкая обложка, 288 стр.
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