Cooper Simon — Road Traffic Law, 2006 год

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Road Traffic Law - Cooper Simon

Oxford University Press / —
— Practical text covering all aspects of front-line road traffic law enforcement
— Clearly written in non-technical language to encourage ease of reference
— Practical scenarios, common problems and FAQs are used throughout to help the reader quickly associate with the situation illustrated
— Up-to-date to include all recent law, such as the new proposed offences of Causing Death by Careless Driving and Causing Death Whilst Driving Illegally
— Covers key areas such as insurance, vehicle test certificates, driver identification, driver licensing, speeding and fixed penalties
The Blackstone’s Practical Policing Series covers a range of topical subjects of vital importance in today’s policing arena. Each practical guide contains clear and detailed explanations of the relevant legislation, accompanied by practical scenarios, illustrative diagrams and useful checklists. Packed with a wealth of information, the Blackstone’s Practical Policing Series ensures you have ready access to the tools you need to take on any policing challenge.
This text is a practical guide to road traffic law. It covers all the principal aspects of road traffic law including driving offences, driver identification, alcohol and drug related offences, licensing and insurance, traffic signs and fixed penalties. Each chapter is written in non-technical language and combines explanations of the law with practical illustrations, examples and FAQ’s on problems commonly faced by police officers engaged in road traffic law enforcement.
The book will focus on those areas that are most frequently encountered by traffic officers in their everyday working lives. This is a must for all police officers who are engaged in front-line traffic duties.

ISBN: 9780199296835
мягкая обложка, 272 стр.
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