Corcuera Antonio — The Big Book of Lofts, 2006 год

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The Big Book of Lofts - Corcuera Antonio

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Decorating a loft has never been easier with this comprehensive guide. «The Big Book of Lofts» features more than 600 different design ideas covering every part of the loft…and then some.
«The Big Book of Lofts» is divided by square footage, with sections titled «small», «medium», «large», and «extra large». Each section opens with text describing the decorating challenges unique to loft design, followed by full–color design ideas showcasing hundreds of different solutions to outfit every size space with a range of current interior style methods. The styles featured focus on the most popular used by today’s best interior designers, including New Rococo, Minimalism, New Rustic, Retro and Contemporary. Photographs are accompanied by captions explaining the different approaches from each designer and architect.
Whether it’s one part of the loft or the entire space, «The Big Book of Lofts» is the ultimate reference for every homeowner ready to redecorate.

ISBN: 9780061138270
твердый переплет, 384 стр.
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