Dorling Kindersley — Concise Atlas of the World

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Concise Atlas of the World -

Dorling Kindersley / —
The definitive reference atlas of the world today
From the defining boundaries of the Balkan states to the icy terrain of Antarctica, this encyclopedic atlas is the essential world reference guide. State of the art digital mapping provides an unsurpassed overview of the physical, political and demographic geography of the world.
— Contains outstanding global and regional mapping
— Presents superb photography supported by detailed text
— Features computer-generated terrain and 3D terrain models
— With detailed factfiles on all 193 nations, including each region’s land use, industrial activities and population distribution; it also includes a 75,000 index-gazetteer. Ideal for general family use, holiday planning or schoolwork — it’s a unique desktop reference to be used by all.

ISBN: 9781405309028
твердый переплет, 384 стр.
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