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Describes in compelling detail the rich diversity of life on Earth
From the smallest single-celled organisms to the great mammals of land and sea, the DK Nature Encyclopedia describes in outstanding detail the rich diversity of life on earth. Produced in association with the Natural History Museum, this authoritative new reference book surveys the varied land and marine habitats throughout the world, and provides fascinating insights into how living things evolve, grow, reproduce, feed, and defend themselves.
Magnificent new photography
Richly illustrated with dramatic new photography, the DK Nature Encyclopedia brings the natural world vividly to life on the page. Specially commissioned photographs reveal the lifestyles, anatomy, and behaviour of plants and animals from all over the world, while action sequences show with startling clarity how a bush baby leaps through the air, the way a jellyfish propels itself through the water, and how a chameleon catches its insect prey.
Essential reference for home and school
Clearly organised into thematic sections, the book covers a wide range of topics from reproduction and movement to photosynthesis and communication. It explores each major plant and animal group — including flowering plants, birds, reptiles, insects, fish, and mammals — and reveals how living things struggle to survive in the world’s most inhospitable habitats. A reference section, which includes a classification chart, an extensive index, and a glossary of scientific terms, completes this colourful and informative guide

ISBN: 9780751357974
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