Fergusson R. — The Penguin Dictionary of English Synonyms & Antonyms, 2004 год

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The Penguin Dictionary of English Synonyms & Antonyms - Fergusson R.

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What words mean exactly the same as delectable? Did you know that the opposite of friable is tough? Can you think of the antonym for ceaseless or another word for capsize?
To extend your vocabulary, broaden your verbal range and spice up your linguistic dexterity, you need look no further than The Penguin Dictionary of English Synonyms and Antonyms. This classic work of reference provides:
• A clear and complete alphabetical listing of thousands of words and their closest synonyms
• The antonym of the headword (where applicable)
• Antonyms for verbs, nouns and adjectives
• In the list of headwords, words and phrases that have recently entered the language
Invaluable for speakers (or orators) and writers (or scribes), this clear and concise work of reference offers hours of entertainment and enlightenment.

ISBN: 9780140511680
мягкая обложка, 448 стр.
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