Ginny Redington Dawes — Georgian Jewellery 1714-1830, 2007 год

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Georgian Jewellery 1714-1830 - Ginny Redington Dawes

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Georgian Jewellery is a celebration of the quality and style of the eighteenth century and of the endless ingenuity in design and workmanship that produced such a wealth of fabulous and wearable pieces of jewellery.
Heavy academic tomes have already been written about the period, so this book illuminates the subject in a more colourful and accessible way. Much disparate information about the jewellery has been gathered together and the period is brought alive by portraits and character sketches of famous Georgians in their finery, fashion tips, gossip, and some rather outrageous cartoons of the time, as well as interesting newly discovered facts.
Some might think that Georgian jewellery is the stuff of museums or safe-deposit boxes, but since many of the pieces pictured here have been on the market in the last few years, it is hoped this book will encourage people to realise this lovely jewellery is as beautiful an adornment today as it was over two hundred years ago. Information is given on how to recognise Georgian jewellery, buy it and repair it and there are tips on how to distinguish the real thing from the plethora of reproduction jewellery on the market today.

ISBN: 9781851495399
твердый переплет, 192 стр.
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