HarperCollins Publishers — Collins Concise Thesaurus A — Z 3rd Editiion, 2006 год

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Collins Concise Thesaurus A - Z 3rd Editiion -

HarperCollins Publishers / —
As part of the Collins Family Reference range, the new COLOUR Collins Desktop Thesaurus is ideal for families and students alike.
As well as having the most up-to-date words and a vast number of synonyms and antonyms, this thesaurus also provides illustrative examples from real English. Related words, fixed phrases and cross references are also included to help expand your vocabulary. Handy word power notes give advice on good English and subject word lists ensure you access the information you want in the quickest time possible.
In this latest edition, hundreds of Internet links have been added to support online research and help develop a breadth of knowledge.
Have confidence
Unrivalled coverage of the most up-to-date words with all the latest alternatives
Get it right
Illustrated examples from real English demonstrate usage
Get there fast
Clear, colour layout for easy accessibility

ISBN: 9780007224388
твердый переплет, 0 стр.
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