Herring Jonathan — Criminal Law: text, cases and materials, 2006 год

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Criminal Law: text, cases and materials - Herring Jonathan

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New to this edition
— Incorporates case law developments in manslaughter, recklessness, conspiracy, accessorial liability and duress.
— Full consideration of the impact of the Sexual Offences Act.
— Additional useful exam tips and questions.
— New 2-colour design serves to clearly differentiate commentary and extracted material
The second edition of the acclaimed Criminal Law: Text, Cases and Materials offers an exceptional depth of analysis whilst providing a wealth of cases and materials set within the theoretical context of criminal law.
Each chapter adopts an effective two-part structure which sets out the law first, and then goes on to describe the theoretical material. This approach ensures that the reader will not only have a secure understanding of the law itself but also the option of gaining a fundamental appreciation of the philosophical and ethical debates in criminal law.
This stimulating text presents a wide range of critical perspectives and provides a broad selection of extracts from cases and academic commentaries. Complex theoretical material is made accessible to students through a particularly engaging writing style and the author’s clarity of expression to bring the subject to life and place the law in context.
The second edition includes nearly twenty five new extracts from a diverse range of academic articles and incorporates case law developments in manslaughter, recklessness, conspiracy, accessorial liability and duress.
A new 2-colour text design makes the book even easier to navigate, with a particularly clear differentiation between commentary and extracted material.
The book is complemented by an Online Resource Centre providing updates and useful web links, as well as guidance on answering questions in the book. An electronic test bank of over one hundred multiple choice quetions provides students with the opportunity to reinforce their learning, with instantaneous feedback that is linked to the textbook.

ISBN: 9780199289356
мягкая обложка, 1088 стр.
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