Jamie Oliver — Jamie’s America, 2009 год

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Jamie's America - Jamie Oliver

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Jamie will try real American food and meet the most interesting cooks and producers that this vast country has to offer. His epic journey will take him to the heart of America: its people, culture, music and, most importantly, its food. Along the way Jamie will be getting his hands dirty — meeting hunters, cowboys, fishermen and local producers — as he finds out about the best (and strangest) ingredients on offer. He won’t just be sampling, he’ll be getting involved: entering a gumbo ‘throw-down’ in Louisiana, fishing in California and sampling bison in Montana as he joins life on a ranch. As well as being a visually stunning journey, «Jamie’s America» is a practical cookbook, with each chapter focusing on the food and recipes of a different state. And the food will be as varied as the landscapes — from spicy Mexican in the desert to freshly caught Alaskan salmon. With 120 brand new recipes, and Jamie’s diary narrative running alongside, this will be a celebratory cookbook of a country with a wide food heritage.

ISBN: 9780718154769
твердый переплет, 360 стр.
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