Jane Brown — The Modern Garden, 2001 год

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The Modern Garden - Jane Brown

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The story of the modern garden has – until now – received little or no attention in the vast canon of garden literature. Jane Brown, one of the world’s foremost garden historians and chroniclers of twentieth-century culture, has been captivated by the secret story of the modern garden for more than a decade, mining its little-known history for revolutionary ideas and rediscovering long-lost masterpieces.
Accompanying the accessible and wide-ranging text are rich and surprising illustrations and rarely seen historical photographs, as well as stunning contemporary photographs of eleven classic modern gardens.
With today’s ecological concerns and green design, the lessons of the modern garden for the twenty-first century are eminently useful. This exceptional publication weaves a rich tapestry of ideas and ideals, animated by the designers and people who dreamed them.

ISBN: 9780500283219
мягкая обложка, 224 стр.
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