John Ayto — Oxford Dictionary Of Slang, 2003 год

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Oxford Dictionary Of Slang - John Ayto

Oxford University Press / —
— Thematically arranged by chapter for easy browsing
— Words are arranged chronologically within themes to show how the language has changed
— Contains word origins, illustrative examples from literature, and an easy-to-use A-Z index
— Includes over 10,000 slang words and phrases
— By the author of the Oxford Dictionary of Modern Slang and the Oxford Dictionary of Rhyming Slang
Our longstanding love affair with the undignified bits of our language — the unguarded vocabulary of conversation, the quirky slang of in-groups, the colourful outbursts of lexis in extremis — has assured us a continuing tradition of collecting such words together in dictionaries. Rather than using the alphabetical format favoured by most of these, however, the Oxford Dictionary of Slang takes in turn each area of life and each aspect of the world that generates significant amounts of slang, and builds up a picture of how our off-guard speech has changed down the years. There is also a full alphabetical index.
Containing over 10,000 words and phrases, this is the ideal reference for those interested in the more quirky and unofficial words used in the English language. Including surprisingly old words such as booze and guzzle to the most up-to-date words like humongous and lunchbox, this fascinating book is sure to provide a stonking good read for all.

ISBN: 9780198607632
мягкая обложка, 480 стр.
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