Jones-Macziola — Further Ahead Learner’s Book with Bonus Extra BEC (Business English Course) Preliminary Preparation (+ CD-ROM), 2003 год

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Further Ahead Learner's Book with Bonus Extra BEC (Business English Course) Preliminary Preparation (+ CD-ROM) - Jones-Macziola

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Further Ahead is a Business English course at lower-intermediate level. To meet the demand for BEC Preliminary Exam we have added a CD-ROM to the Learner’s Book that provides a walk and talk through the exam and practice material. Further Ahead Learner’s Book is at the right language level for students who are preparing for BEC Preliminary. The Practice Test with answer key and audio has been specially written for this book by Tricia Aspinall and Jake Allsop, two very experienced test writers.

ISBN: 9780521531726
мягкая обложка, 136 стр.
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