Jones-Macziola — Getting Ahead Learner’s Book, 2000 год

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Getting Ahead Learner's Book - Jones-Macziola

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This thoroughly revised course is designed for pre-intermediate level students who want to improve their English in a business and professional context. At the same time as drawing on the learner’s own experience, the course provides activities which give the less experienced learner the opportunity to participate effectively. The course offers: units based on topics learners will meet such as describing a company, welcoming visitors and dealing with problems; a variety of challenging tasks and communicative activities that ensure that all four skills are developed; clearly structured and measured progression, with revision units to enable learners to check their progress; clear and accessible layout. The Teacher’s Guide provides support and guidance, as well as a full key and tapescripts. The Home Study Book offers the learner further practice to consolidate their studies. Getting Ahead leads perfectly into Further Ahead.

ISBN: 9780521654074
мягкая обложка, 135 стр.
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