Jones — Working in English Teacher’s Book Pack (+ CD-ROM)

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Working in English Teacher's Book Pack (+ CD-ROM) - Jones

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Working In English is a comprehensive course for Business English learners from Leo Jones, co-author of the successful New International Business English course. The core course comprises 40 one-hour units organised into seven modules. It is supplemented by extra activities from the Teacher’s Book to offer maximum flexibility. The units focus on the practical day-to-day activities that all business people — whatever their level or experience — are involved in. The accompanying Video contains specially filmed documentary sequences, made in Europe and the USA, that relate to the themes of the modules and provide authentic input to the course. The pocket-sized Personal Study Book offers useful reference material and fun practice activities to do out of class. It comes with a free audio CD to provide extra self-study listening practice.

ISBN: 9780521776837
мягкая обложка, 144 стр.
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