Kara May — Joe Lion’s Big Boots (+ Audio CD), 2008 год

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Joe Lion's Big Boots (+ Audio CD) - Kara May

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Joe Lion is fed up with being the smallest: he wants to be bigger! Working out in Gus Gorilla’s gym isn’t the answer, though: what he needs are bigger, taller boots! But big boots are no fun. They trip Joe up at football, and mean he is big enough to help with the chores at home. But when neighbour Geoff Giraffe locks himself out of his house super small, bootless Joe Lion might be the only person who can save him. The I Am Reading series provides just the right balance of challenge and support for newly independent readers. Large, easy-to-read type, satisfying stories by top writers and cheerful full-colour pictures help children make the transition from picture books to chapter books. Each book includes a bookmark flap, tips for beginner readers and either short, numbered chapters or two short stories.

ISBN: 978-0-7534-1689-1
мягкая обложка, 48 стр.
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