Kate Kingsley — Young, Loaded and Fabulous, 2008 год

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Young, Loaded and Fabulous - Kate Kingsley

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Addictive, scandalous and glamorous new fiction series for sophisticated teens.
London socialites Alice Rochester and Natalya Abbot are glamorous, sexy, spoilt and only sixteen. When they’re not at their prestigious private school, St. Cecilias, just outside London (where they rub shoulders with the children of Europe’s elite), they can be found partying in London’s private members clubs or jetting off to the most sophisticated European cities.
Alice and Tally have ruled, undisputed, at the top of St. Cecilias’ social hierarchy since their arrival at the school three years ago. But now trouble is brewing; friendships with boys are getting complicated and sparking jealousies between the girls, and, to make matters worse, a thoroughly unwelcome American girl has just arrived.

ISBN: 978-0-7553-4585-4
мягкая обложка, 320 стр.
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