Kreindler Richard — Transnational Litigation: A Basic Primer, 2006 год

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Transnational Litigation: A Basic Primer - Kreindler Richard

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This is a clear, easy-to-understand guide on the issues and decision points encountered when planning to resolve of avoid a transational dispute. Each basic concept and all facets of litigation procedure and strategy are explored in the context of multijuridictional interaction. These decision points occur at each and every phase of the actual litigation process, and are mirrored in the planning mode where dispute avoidance is the primary objective.
The first half of this book is a practitioner’s guide with ample descriptions of how to conduct litigation abroad. The second half is sub-divided into six appendices, with a table of cases and topic index to help practitioners get up to speed quickly and easily.

ISBN: 9780379213942
твердый переплет, 642 стр.
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