Laird Borrelli — Fashion Illustration Now, 2000 год

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Fashion Illustration Now - Laird Borrelli

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The work of nearly thirty of the world’s top up-to-the-minute illustrators is organized into three different styles. The sensualists — for example, François Berthoud — adhere to a fluid, fine-arts tradition. Others, such as Jean-Philippe Delhomme, focus on characters: smoky-eyed gamines and sophisticated 50s-style divas. And here, for the first time in any survey, is the computer-generated work of the leading technocrats, among whom are Graham Rounthwaite and Jason Brooks.
As well as work drawn from artists’ collections and from international fashion and style magazines, Fashion Illustration Now includes scores of specially commissioned illustrations. With biographical and contact information for each artist, this is a guide for media and fashion industry professionals, an inspirational sourcebook for students and a must-have for anyone interested in fashion now.

ISBN: 9780500282342
мягкая обложка, 176 стр.
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