Liamputtong Pranee — Qualitative Research Methods, 2005 год

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Qualitative Research Methods - Liamputtong Pranee

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Qualitative Research Methods is a practical guide to conducting qualitative research. It explains methodological issues and presents a step-by-step guide to qualitative research techniques. The book contains general chapters on sampling and rigour, the use of theory, data analysis, and writing research proposals and reports. It reviews established methods such as interviewing, focus groups and ethnography, as well as more innovative and complex methods such as narrative method, memory-work and participatory-action research. Each technique is clearly illustrated by detailed Australian examples and case studies that ground the research in a practical setting.
This new edition contains the latest information on how to present qualitative research. It incorporates expanded material on the legal repercussions of research, as well as more information on the different types of interviews. All new sections include how to conduct research among the vulnerable and case studies that clearly illustrate how to analyse qualitative data.
This new edition has been revised to include examples from outside the health sciences, making it also suitable for social science students. The book provides a comprehensive Australian guide for students undertaking qualitative research.

ISBN: 9780195517446
мягкая обложка, 424 стр.
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