Michael Connelly — The Harry Bosch Novels: Volume 3 (A Darkness More Than Night, City of Bones, Lost Light), 2008 год

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The Harry Bosch Novels: Volume 3 (A Darkness More Than Night, City of Bones, Lost Light) - Michael Connelly

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Lead investigator on a murder case that saw the arrest of the son of a wealthy and powerful man, Harry Bosch now finds himself in the midst of a high stakes trial where his every method is questioned. Meanwhile, criminal profiler Terry McCaleb is called to a murder scene where the killer has left a message that seems to implicate Bosch. The pair, first at odds, must now work together to clear Harry’s name…
When the bones of a young boy are found scattered in the Hollywood Hills, Harry Bosch is drawn into a case that recalls the darkest memories from his own haunted past. Then a love affair begins to blossom for Bosch — until a disastrous mission leaves him in more trouble than ever before, as he faces an unimaginable decision…
When he left the LAPD, Harry Bosch took a file with him — the case of a film production assistant murdered four years earlier during a $2 million robbery on a movie set. The LAPD think the stolen money was used to finance a terrorist training camp. Thoughts of the original murder victim are lost in the federal zeal, and when it seems the killer will be set free to aid the feds’ terrorist hunt, Bosch finds himself in conflict with his old colleagues and the FBI.

ISBN: 978-1-4091-0026-3
мягкая обложка, 816 стр.
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