Mitford Nancy — Love in A Cold Climat & other novels

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Love in A Cold Climat & other novels - Mitford Nancy

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‘How lovely — green velvet and silver, I call that a dream, so soft and delicious, too.’ She rubbed a fold of the skirt against her cheek. ‘Mine’s silver lamé, it smells like a bird cage when it gets hot but I do love it. Aren’t you thankful evening skirts are long again?’
The dresses, but oh the boredom of the Season, even for Polly Hampton, with her outstanding looks and excellent social connections — the ultimate ‘It Girl’ of fashionable society. Groomed from a young age for marriage by her mother, the fearsome Landy Montdore, Polly causes a scandal when she declares her love for her uncle ‘Boy Douglas’, the Lecherous Lecturer, and runs off to Italy …

ISBN: 9780141181493
мягкая обложка, 512 стр.
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