Moss Gabriel — EU Banking and Insurance Insolvency, 2006 год

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EU Banking and Insurance Insolvency - Moss Gabriel

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— Only work to deal specifically with the Reorganisation and Winding-up of Insurance Undertakings and Credit Institutions directives making this an invaluable resource for the insolvency specialist
— Written by top European specialists in this field and edited by two leading experts making this book of the highest calibre
— Invaluable commentary on the application of the Directives ub 18 European states
This major new practitioner work provides detailed analysis of the EU Directives 2001/17 and 2001/24 on the Reorganisation and Winding-up of Insurance Undertakings and Credit Institutions. Chapters cover the considerable impact both Directives have upon the role and the tasks of the supervisory authorities in the EU insurance and banking market (including their branches in other EU countries), the information to be provided to these authorities, the effects of the measures they can take, the law applicable to reorganisation measures and winding-up proceedings of these institutions.
The book contains a detailed article-by-article commentary on both Directives themselves. In addition the work contains 18 separate surveys, within which local specialists describe and explain the specifics on the implementation of the Directives in their respective country.

ISBN: 9780199285785
твердый переплет, 680 стр.
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