Partington Martin — Introduction to the English legal system, 2006 год

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Introduction to the English legal system - Partington Martin

Oxford University Press / —
— An accessible introduction to the English legal system for those studying law for the first time who wish to get an overview of the context within which law is made and practised in England and Wales.
— Offers a number of well-presented supportive features for students including further reading, diagrams, bullet points and self-test questions to further aid their learning and to draw out key points for discussion.
— Fully supported by an Online Resource Centre that provides numerous resources including web links, annotated further reading, self-test questions and updates to help students to keep abreast of recent developments and to pursue their studies further.
New to this edition
— The impact of constitutional reform on the legal system, including the transformation of the role of the Lord Chancellor, and the creation of a Supreme Court.
— The continuing reform of the criminal justice system, including creation of the Serious Organised Crime Agency and new approaches to the delivery of Community Justice.
— The reform of administrative justice and the redress of citizens’ grievances.
— Reforming the family justice system.
— Responding to the ‘compensation culture’.
— New approaches to the regulation of the legal profession and others offering legal services.
— New strategies for the provision of legal advice and assistance.
— Includes a new introduction by the Lord Chief Justice
Written in a highly engaging style and approachable style, the third edition of Introduction to The English Legal System is an ideal foundation for all those coming new to the study of law. It introduces readers to the purposes and functions of law and the law-making process, and explains what is happening, why it is happening, and considers what the future may bring.
Introduction to the English Legal System covers recent developments in the law and their influence on matters of public interest, including human rights, crime control, compensation culture, and access to justice. This third edition considers the impact of new appraches to the regulation of the legal profession and of the continuing reform of the criminal and family justice systems.
Online Resource Centre
Student Resources
Annotated further reading
Additional questions
New developments
Web links
Glossary of terms (new)
Multiple choice questions (new)
Lecturer Resources (password Protected)
PowerPoint presentations with lecture notes
How to use the discussion questions in the text
Tips and techniques on teaching from the book
Short notes on new developments
Seminar ideas (new)

ISBN: 9780199278299
мягкая обложка, 344 стр.
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