Patrick Bishop — Battle of Britain, 2010 год

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Battle of Britain - Patrick Bishop

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From the bestselling author of Fighter Boys and Bomber Boys, this is a magisterial chronicle of a defining episode in British history: the epic struggle of the Royal Air Force with the Luftwaffe. Patrick Bishop’s Battle of Britain is a compelling account of Britain’s fight for national survival, from the shock defeat and evacuation from Dunkirk in May/June 1940 to fighter Command’s assertion of superiority over the Luftwaffe in mid-September. Battle of Britain takes the reader through that summer day by day, revealing the ongoing battle’s impact on flyers and civilians alike. By enhancing his narrative with eye-witness accounts, diary extracts and pilot profiles, Bishop brings the often horrific reality of air combat vividly to life. In Battle of Britain Patrick Bishop has written the definitive account of one of the pivotal moments in twentieth-century British history, and a nation’s ‘finest hour’.

ISBN: 9781849162241
мягкая обложка, 542 стр.
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