Peers Steve — EU Justice and Home Affairs Law, 2006 год

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EU Justice and Home Affairs Law - Peers Steve

Oxford University Press / —
— The most comprehensive overview, analysis and critique of the Justice and Home Affairs Law of the European Union
— Complete coverage of relevant human rights issues, and includes developments since Sept. 11th such as the definition of terrorism and the adoption of the European Arrest Warrant
— Covers both the JHA institutional issues and the main substantive topics discussed and concluded in JHA negotiations
This book examines in detail EU law on Justice and Home Affairs. In turn, it looks at the decision-making and judicial rules which the EU applies in these areas, then it examines the extensive EU law on visas and border controls, regulation of legal migration, control of illegal migration, criminal law definitions, criminal procedure, and policing and customs.
Throughout the book, there is a focus on the tension between the objectives of controlling migration and fighting crime on the one hand and human rights and civil liberties principles on the other. This theme is one of the particularly important developments in this area which arose after the attacks of September 11, 2001. This unique overview and critique of the EU law on Justice and Home Affairs is a one-stop source for information and analysis on a highly topical area of increasing concern in international politics, and one which is bound to have increasing impact as economic integration proceeds.

ISBN: 9780199290550
твердый переплет, 588 стр.
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