Richard M. Burton — Organizational Design, 2006 год

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Organizational Design - Richard M. Burton

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In today’s volatile business environment, organizational design is a serious challenge for any manager, whether of a multinational enterprise or a small team. This book sets out a step-by-step approach to designing an organization. All the key aspects of organizational design are covered, including goals, strategy, structure, process, people, coordination and control, and incentives. The text engages with critical issues affecting organisations, such as globalization, worldwide competition, deregulation and ever-new technologies, and contains many helpful features such as end-of-chapter reviews and unique step-by-step diagrams to orientate the reader in the design process. Diagnostic questions help the reader to determine the changes needed in an organization. The action oriented approach of this text helps the reader to assess and re-design the complex organizations of today, and plan for the information-rich organizations of tomorrow.

ISBN: 978-0-521-61733-8
мягкая обложка, 252 стр.
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