Rivlin Geoffrey — Understanding the Law, 2006 год

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Understanding the Law - Rivlin Geoffrey

Oxford University Press / —
— An ideal introduction for anyone who is considering a career in the law, preparing for university, or embarking on a law course at college or school
— A lively and accessible introduction to law, covering the history and workings of the courts and their personnel
— Includes topical issues such as human rights and drugs
— Geoffrey Rivlin’s engaging style provides a fascinating insight into the English legal system
New to this edition
— Fully updated to include several new cases in the final chapter of the book, including the Catherine Zeta Jones case, giving the reader an up-to-date introduction to the workings of the English legal system
— Includes lots of new examples to illustrate the descriptions and further engage the reader
— Includes extended coverage on judicial precedent, human rights, and European law
Understanding the Law is an engaging and accessible introduction to the law. Geoffrey Rivlin provides a wealth of fascinating detail about the legal system and the many people who participate in it, from judges to MPs and police officers. The book describes how laws are made and how cases are tried, and includes chapters on the principles involved in the administration of justice, the development of the common law, the constitution, legal professions, and courts.
An updated selection of real-life cases help bring the book to life, and there are questions to accompany each chapter to encourage the reader to engage with the material. This book is ideal for anyone considering a career in the law, preparing for university, or embarking on a law course at school or college.

ISBN: 9780199284689
мягкая обложка, 384 стр.
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