Rob Nolasco — WOW! 1: Teacher’s book (including Tests), 1990 год

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WOW! 1: Teacher's book (including Tests) - Rob Nolasco

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A three-level course reflecting the interests of young teenagers.
— WOW! takes the form of a lively (fictitious) TV programme for young people which is itself called WOW!, or Window on the World. It appeals directly to young teenage learners by following the familiar conventions and genres of youth TV: quizzes, travel reports, documentary features, interviews and cartoons across a range of lively and often exciting topics.
— It has a clear structural syllabus which provides students with a systematic and thorough foundation in grammar, from the simple present to the third conditional. Grammar points are clearly identified, explained, and practised through the imaginative contexts provided by the television programme format.
— Everyday functional English is taught through regular, humorous cartoon sketches. Controlled development of all four language skills, pronunciation, and vocabulary are also systematically covered throughout the three levels.
— Each level provides 90-120 hours of work and consists of twenty units divided into three parts. The first two parts present and practise new structures and functions, and the third part recycles the new language (through an exciting serial story in level 1, and through integrated skills development in levels 2 and 3).
— Every second unit is followed by a revision and extension section which recycles and develops the grammar, vocabulary, and skills that have been covered in the units.
— Supplementary Grammar and Practice Books at each level provide further explanations and practice of the grammar syllabus. The exercises are easy for the student to understand and can be done as homework or revision without the teacher’s guidance.

ISBN: 9780194324571
мягкая обложка, 140 стр.
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