Robert Heller — Essential Managers: Selling Successfully, 2005 год

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Essential Managers: Selling Successfully - Robert Heller

Dorling Kindersley / DKManagm
The instant reference library of management tips and techniques
Learn all you need to know about successful selling, from developing self-confidence and clinching a deal, to understanding customers and managing a sales team. Selling Successfully not only shows you how to improve your powers of persuasion, it also provides practical techniques for building mutually rewarding, win-win relationships with customers. Power tips help you handle real-life situations and develop first-class selling skills that will dramatically improve your ability to make good transactions and hit sales targets.
This innovative series covers a wide range of management and personal development topics. Each title is a comprehensive yet compact source of easy reference for all those in or aspiring to a position of responsibility, with a focus on developing and enhancing professional management practice.
— Practical techniques show you how to target customers, identify their needs, present your product effectively and win sales
— Clear text and illustrations cover every aspect of successful selling
— Simple checklists and points to remember enable you to be fully prepared throughout the selling process
— Accessible charts and flow diagrams explore different options for action and provide useful examples of real-life situations
— Within each volume there are exercises and questionnaires which encourage self-assessment and analysis to improve management skills
— An exciting and unprecedented visual approach to international business publishing
— Aimed at the novice and the experienced manager alike in every work environment, from large corporations to small businesses

ISBN: 9780751307696
мягкая обложка, 72 стр.
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