Robin Beaver — The New 100 Houses x 100 Architects, 2007 год

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The New 100 Houses x 100 Architects - Robin Beaver

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The New 100 Houses is the fourth book in IMAGES’ popular 100 Best Houses series. IMAGES has again selected houses that represent the very best in international residential architecture. The houses featured represent everything from the modern to the classical.
This is a book that can be browsed through time and again, with each viewing guaranteed to inspire, delight and surprise. Outstanding colour photography captures interior design, layout and furnishings, while exterior photographs meld the house design with its environment. As well as the usual design locations, the book’s scope is far more international than earlier titles in the series, with a broader listing of architects from exotic locations such as the Aegean Coast of Turkey, Slovenia, Peru’s arid coastline, Bulgaria, as well as from the traditional locations in North America, the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

ISBN: 9781864702668
твердый переплет, 352 стр.
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