Rod Fricker — Success Pre-Intermediate Test Book, 2007 год

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Success Pre-Intermediate Test Book - Rod Fricker

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The Matura Success Testing and Evaluation Book is not just a collection of tests. We are proposing a coherent system of evaluation and grading which covers language and skills tests as well oral exams, written assignments and class projects. To make the most of our proposal, different tests should be carefully planned over the semester or school year.
The Testing and Evaluation Book includes:
• Mini Presentations.
• Roleplays
• Written assignments
• Projects
• Short Language Tests
• Language and Skills Tests
• Mid-of-the-book test
• End-of-the-book test
• Matura Tests
• Placement tests
As well as the wide variety of tests, the Testing & Evaluation Book includes:
• Tips on administration of the tests
• Evaluation year/semester plans
• Suggestions about grading scales
• Spreadsheets for grading students

ISBN: 978-0-582-85399-7
мягкая обложка, 80 стр.
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