Ruane — Essentials of research methods, 2004 год

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Essentials of research methods - Ruane

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Essentials of Research Methods is a concise and accessible introduction to research methods in the social sciences. Written by an expert of research methods teaching, this book takes extraordinary care to focus the reader on experiences in his or her everyday life as a way of understanding and performing research methods. The logic and techniques of research methods can be daunting and not of obvious use to students of social science, and yet this book clearly and coherently defines the terms and requirements of research methods studies for the inexperienced student.Covering ethics, data gathering and analysis, and statistics, Essentials of Research Methods makes the «essentials» relevant to our information-dominated society, while exploring the complexities and values of each. With an engaging, reader-friendly style, discussions that appeal across disciplines, and timely examples that are informative and interesting to read, this book is ideal for any student of research methods. Features include further reading lists, graphs, exercises, study questions, and an annotated list of web resources.

ISBN: 9780631230496
мягкая обложка, 256 стр.
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