Snowling — Science of Reading: A Handbook, 2005 год

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Science of Reading: A Handbook - Snowling

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The Science of Reading: A Handbook brings together state-of-the-art reviews of reading research from leading names in the field, to create a multidisciplinary overview of contemporary knowledge about reading and related skills.The volume is divided into seven sections: — Word Recognition Processes in Reading outlines models of word recognition that have shaped the direction of reading research during the past two decades and presents reviews of research on reading processes from the point of view of experimental psychology. — Learning to Read and Spell reviews theories of literacy development and considers cognitive, linguistic and environmental factors that influence the development of reading and spelling — Reading Comprehension provides reviews of reading comprehension processes in adults and children and of reading comprehension impairments. — Reading in Different Languages reviews cross-linguistic studies of reading processes and considers the development of reading in alphabetic and logographic languages as a backdrop to studies of dyslexia in different languages. — Disorders of Reading and Spelling reviews current research on acquired and developmental dyslexia and the effects of hearing and language impairments on learning to read. — Biological Bases of Reading reviews brain imaging and genetic approaches to reading and its disorders. — Finally, Teaching Reading discusses the implications of this large body of research for the teaching of reading and for reading intervention.

ISBN: 9781405114882
твердый переплет, 680 стр.
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