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Task Listening Student's Book - Stokes

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Task Listening aims to develop the listening skills of students who have had little exposure to authentic spoken English. It is suitable for lower-intermediate and also more advanced students whose listening has been developed primarily as a means to a grammatical or structural end. Each of the twenty-six units consists of a short tape recording and related tasks. The recordings are of people speaking at normal speed in everyday situations. Each unit has as its theme a setting or situation in which listening plays a major part, for example, at an airport listening for flight announcements or at a travel agency being told about different means of transport. In each case, having completed the necessary language work, students listen to the tape and extract the information necessary to complete a simple task, such as labelling a picture or filling in a grid. Related reading and writing tasks are provided as a follow-up to each listening task. Task Listening aims to help students to sift out utterances of relevance and ignore redundant features, a skill vital to efficient listening at all levels of language learning. The Teacher’s Book contains extensive notes on how to use the material and completed tasks for each unit. The notes give suggestions to prepare students for listening and include the key language for each recording.

ISBN: 9780521231350
мягкая обложка, 64 стр.
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