Denise Pivarnik-Nova — Mastering the SAT Writing Test, 2005 год

18 апреля, 2012 / Автор статьи: admin
Mastering the SAT Writing Test - Denise Pivarnik-Nova

John Wiley & Sons (Wiley) / —
The new SAT Writing Test is the most dreaded thing since the «facts of life» talk. It’s a fact of life SAT reading and writing scores are critical in the college admissions process, and the new writing exam ups the ante! This hands-on workbook walks students through the process of cogent, concise writing and builds their confidence. It includes information on what graders are looking for, three writing tests with model essays and detailed analysis, multiple-choice questions with answers and explanations, and in-depth review chapters on grammar, usage, and style, complete with practice questions and answers. Denise Pivarnik-Nova (Robbinsdale, MN), a high school college preparation and AP English teacher, has served as an item writer for the SAT and the ACT and coordinator of the Minnesota Department of Education’s Advanced Placement Incentive Program. SAT is a registered trademark of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.

ISBN: 9780764598357
мягкая обложка, 208 стр.
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Meredith J.R. — Operations Management for MBAs with Crystal Ball CD (+ CD-ROM), 2006 год

28 февраля, 2012 / Автор статьи: admin
Operations Management for MBAs with Crystal Ball CD (+ CD-ROM) - Meredith J.R.

John Wiley & Sons (Wiley) / —

ISBN: 9780470096932
мягкая обложка, 0 стр.
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Sciore Edward — Database Design and Implementation, 2008 год

25 февраля, 2012 / Автор статьи: admin
Database Design and Implementation - Sciore Edward

John Wiley & Sons (Wiley) / —
Covering the traditional database system concepts from a systems perspective, this book addresses the functionality that database systems provide as well as what algorithms and design decisions will best implement their functionality. It describes what Java tools and techniques will help developers build an application that uses a database system.

ISBN: 9780471757160
твердый переплет, 784 стр.
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James Haggerty — In the Court of Public Opinion. Winning Your Case with Public Relations, 2003 год

22 февраля, 2012 / Автор статьи: admin
In the Court of Public Opinion. Winning Your Case with Public Relations - James Haggerty

John Wiley & Sons (Wiley) / —
In The Court of Public Opinion is a lively and practical guide for anyone involved in high-stakes litigation. Given the increasingly litigious, media-saturated business environment, companies and high-profile individuals need protection-not just in the courthouses, but in the court of public opinion. Using examples from many of the most famous cases in the past several years, In The Court of Public Opinion contains real-life strategies that CEOs, lawyers, and other executives can use when they find themselves in a high-profile lawsuit. James F. Haggerty offers advice on public relations strategies that will help businesses and individuals save their reputations as well as their livelihood.

ISBN: 9780471307426
твердый переплет, 258 стр.
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Aaker David — Strategic Market Management, 2007 год

28 января, 2012 / Автор статьи: admin
Strategic Market Management - Aaker David

John Wiley & Sons (Wiley) / —
Using various concepts and methods such as strategic questions, portfolio models, and scenario analysis, this book outlines the five competencies that spark successful, strategizing. This book illustrates a structured approach to understanding the customer, the competitor, and important trends that you can apply to your strategic decision making.

ISBN: 9780470056233
мягкая обложка, 336 стр.
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Kent Matthews — The Economics of Banking, 2008 год

25 января, 2012 / Автор статьи: admin
The Economics of Banking - Kent Matthews

John Wiley & Sons (Wiley) / —
This revised and updated edition of «The Economics of Banking» addresses the need for a user-friendly textbook that is mathematically accessible and provides a microeconomic context, which enables students to understand and analyze contemporary trends and operations in banking. Providing a sound theoretical basis for understanding bank behavior, «The Economics of Banking» is essential for final year undergraduate and postgraduate students taking courses in banking. Greater emphasis is provided on risk management with an extended chapter dealing with trading risk and recent developments in bank book risk management. A new chapter has been added on assessing bank competition and the competitive nature of the banking market. New material has been added on bank performance including: benchmarking, efficiency analysis and modeling of bank cost functions. Coverage of bank and financial regulation has been significantly updated with more extensive discussion of Basel 2 and operational risk. More rigor has been added to the chapter on international banking and more discussion about the future of retail banking is included in the introductory chapter. New material has been added in selected chapters examining the global credit crunch of 2007/8 and the Northern Rock bank crisis in the UK.

ISBN: 978-0-470-51964-6
мягкая обложка, 306 стр.
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Verbeek — Guide to Modern Econometrics, 2008 год

23 января, 2012 / Автор статьи: admin
Guide to Modern Econometrics - Verbeek

John Wiley & Sons (Wiley) / —
This highly successful text focuses on exploring alternative techniques, combined with a practical emphasis. This is a guide to alternative techniques with the emphasis on the intuition behind the approaches and their practical reference. This new edition builds on the strengths of the second edition and brings the text completely up-to-date.

ISBN: 9780470517697
мягкая обложка, 488 стр.
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Shapiro Alan C. — Foundations of Multinational Financial Management, 2004 год

22 ноября, 2011 / Автор статьи: admin
Foundations of Multinational Financial Management - Shapiro Alan C.

John Wiley & Sons (Wiley) / —
All too often, companies focus on the threats and risks inherent in venturing abroad. But multinational firms actually have opportunities that are not available to purely domestic firms. This work discusses the foundtions of multinational financial management.

ISBN: 9780471563372
твердый переплет, 640 стр.
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Luis E. Pereiro — Valuation of Companies in Emerging Markets: A Practical Approach, 2002 год

26 сентября, 2011 / Автор статьи: admin
Valuation of Companies in Emerging Markets: A Practical Approach - Luis E. Pereiro

John Wiley & Sons (Wiley) / —
A comprehensive guide focusing on the valuation issues for emerging markets
Valuation of Companies in Emerging Economies takes a practical, step-by-step approach to valuing both public and closely held companies in emerging economies for merger or acquisition purposes. These extremely volatile markets present their own special set of challenges, which often differ from country to country. The author provides real world, best valuation practices in both developed and emerging markets and offers links to relevant Internet resources to provide CEOs, CFOs, venture capitalists, and financial analysts with the information they need to accurately value companies around the world.
Luis E. Pereiro (Buenos Aires, Argentina) is a consultant who has steered several strategic change projects in multinational corporations such as Bank of America, Union Carbide, and Nissho Iwai. He is Interim Dean of the Universidad Tocuato Di Tella, Buenos Aires, as well as Director of its MBA program and Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Venturing. His numerous articles have appeared in many prestigious business journals and books.
Over the years, financial professionals around the world have looked to the Wiley Finance series and its wide array of bestselling books for the knowledge, insights, and techniques that are essential to success in financial markets. As the pace of change in financial markets and instruments quickens, Wiley Finance continues to respond. With critically acclaimed books by leading thinkers on value investing, risk management, asset allocation, and many other critical subjects, the Wiley Finance series provides the financial community with information they want. Written to provide professionals and individuals with the most current thinking from the best minds in the industry, it is no wonder that the Wiley Finance series is the first and last stop for financial professionals looking to increase their financial expertise.

ISBN: 978-0-471-22078-7
твердый переплет, 507 стр.
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Damodaran — Corporate Finance: Theory and Practice, 2003 год

17 сентября, 2011 / Автор статьи: admin
Corporate Finance: Theory and Practice - Damodaran

John Wiley & Sons (Wiley) / —
Aswath Damodaran is nationally recognized for his teaching approach, using theory and the models that flow from it to understand, analyze and solve problems. He treats corporate finance as a living discipline by making it much more applied than other textbooks. Throughout the text, real companies and real data are used in examples and exercises.

ISBN: 9780471283324
твердый переплет, 1008 стр.
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