Nik Kalinowski — Good Reading Guide: World Fiction, 2007 год

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Good Reading Guide: World Fiction - Nik Kalinowski

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Reading, like travelling, takes you on a journey of discovery into new places, cultures and ways of living. This book brings those two worlds together. It is a literary exploration of global proportions, a rich survey of the finest novels set or written in other countries. Hundreds of titles are featured from every continent and you can browse by region, city or travel related theme. Whether you are travelling abroad or simply expanding your range of reading, this guide will enable you to see the world through the eyes of some the finest foreign writers. Nik Kalinowski and Vincent Cassar are two booksellers and writers who have applied their passion for foreign fiction to present their best picks from the thousands of titles available. The guide includes the very best world fiction that has stood the test of time from 1900 onwards. Arranged by continent, then by country, key titles are described, followed by read-on suggestions. You can also browse by major cities or travel related topic. This guide is a starting point for your own literary journey through culturally rich and diverse landscapes.

ISBN: 9780713679991
мягкая обложка, 384 стр.
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