Peter Foreman — True Adventure Stories (+ Audio CD), 2008 год

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True Adventure Stories (+ Audio CD) - Peter Foreman

CIDEB / Reading & Training 3
Four true, breathtaking stories of adventure and courage which take us across the ocean, the ice of the Antarctic, the sky and the desert.
‘Lost at Sea’ tells the adventures of a family sailing round the world and their battle to survive in the ocean after a shipwreck.
In ‘The Impossible Journey’ we follow Sir Ernest Shackleton as he and his men make their way on foot towards the South Pole.
The brave young woman in ‘Amy Johnson, Woman Pioneer’ attempts a heroic solo flight from England to Australia.
In ‘David Livingstone’s Last African Expedition’ we meet the great explorer on his last expedition to find the source of Africa’s longest river, the Nile.

ISBN: 9788853008305
мягкая обложка, 112 стр.
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Peter Foreman — Jack The Ripper (+ Audio CD), 2002 год

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Jack The Ripper (+ Audio CD) - Peter Foreman

CIDEB / Reading & Training 4
Since the autumn of 1888, when he terrorised London, Jack the Ripper has become famous all over the world. How did he escape justice? And who was he? There have been hundreds of suspects and theories but nobody has yet discovered his identity.
«Jack the Ripper» takes you back to the dark streets of Victorian London, to investigate the crimes, examine the theories, and meet the people who played their part in the drama.
Here is the full story of the most mysterious killer in the history of crime

ISBN: 9788853003201
мягкая обложка, 96 стр.
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Peter Foreman — Oxford Bookworms Library 2: The Mystery of Allegra, 2000 год

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Oxford Bookworms Library 2: The Mystery of Allegra - Peter Foreman

Oxford University Press / —
Help your students read their way to better English with this new edition of the world’s best graded readers — now with a new range of World Stories, fully revised Factfiles, more audio, and new tests.
The new edition includes the original Bookworms stories, plus the Starters, Playscripts and Factfiles, making it easy for you to see the full choice of books at each Stage.
The highly acclaimed seven-stage system of grading, from Starter to Stage 6, remains the same, helping you to find the right level for all your students.
Allegra is an unusual name. It means ‘happy’ in Italian, but the little girl in this story is sometimes very sad. She is only five years old, but she tells Adrian, her new friend, that she is going to die soon. How does she know?
And who is the other Allegra? The girl in a long white nightdress, who has golden hair and big blue eyes. The girl who comes only at night, and whose hands and face are cold, so cold…

ISBN: 9780194229807
мягкая обложка, 64 стр.
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